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~ Monday, November 25 ~

His Superhero
Inspired by The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Rock, Paper, Scissors! at Gallery 1988

This was the final piece I made for the show. It was hard figuring out what I could do. Do I do both Petes? Would they have base figures? Do I do them both with Artie and hope people don’t expect base figures? Artie on Mr. Tastee’s head? Mr. Tastee with the Petes? So many options!

Artie had to be made, and he had to be the strongest man in the world. Knowing Artie has a past with lifting/moving houses, I took on the challenge of making him lift the base. Seems simple, but it was far from it. There are dowels running through Artie’s back up into his head, and another through his back into the wood base to keep his hands from snapping off. The paint job on the base is inspired by Mr. Tastee and the Blue Tornado bar. Also, painting lines can be a pain, so every part of this piece was rather time-consuming.

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